Letter from the Governor


Dear International Business Executive: 

If we’re smart about it, we can turn some of today’s global economic changes into real opportunities: opportunities for Delaware companies to grow by engaging in overseas markets; and opportunities for foreign companies to grow by accessing the U.S. market using Delaware as their corporate gateway.

The State of Delaware, working together with the World Trade Center Delaware, offers a strong, pro -business environment; access to a skilled and highly-educated workforce; and a strategic location with access to potential markets.

Often referred to as the “Corporate Capital of the World,” Delaware continues to be the favored state of incorporation in the United States, with more than one-half of the Fortune 500 companies making Delaware their legal home. A respected Court of Chancery with over 200 years of experience provides a world-renowned forum for corporate litigation. This body includes an efficient and user-friendly Secretary of State’s Office, and a legislature that puts high priority on corporate law and is committed to keeping Delaware’s business laws state-of-the-art.

Delaware’s intellectual and economic firepower is recognized worldwide. The Wilmington region produces patents at more than three times the national average and has the second-highest concentration of Ph.D.’s in the United States. We are home to leading academic institutions, and while our wages are close to the national average, our cost of living and cost of doing business are below the national average.

Delaware’s strategic location on the East Coast between New York City and Washington, D.C. provides a great business advantage for those looking for quick access to potential markets. Furthermore, the Port of Wilmington is one of the nation’s leading ports with excellent interstate highway and rail access for fast movement of goods. Our strategic location also allows for the collaboration of leaders within many fields, and Delaware firms offer a broad range of products and services from agricultural products and advanced materials to specialty chemicals and new technology innovations.

Delaware’s experience in cultivating and fostering collaborative relationships within the global community provides an environment in which your business can thrive. Join us, and experience it for yourself.


Jack A. Markell