Letter from the Governor

Dear International Business Executive: 

Delaware’s business-friendly environment, strategic location, access to local and global financial markets – and resources like the World Trade Center Delaware – are just a few of the reasons our small state is the best location for businesses to thrive worldwide. As we continue to grow our innovation economy, opportunities emerge for substantial business growth in our national and global markets.

Delaware is home to over one million business entities, and they have all chosen our state with good reason. We are constantly discovering and implementing innovative ways to support businesses, and we have a long history of building quality relationships between business and government. Delaware's Court of Chancery is internationally recognized as the preeminent forum for resolving corporate disputes fairly and quickly. The State's Division of Corporations provides fast, accommodating service to its corporate citizens and the legal and corporate professionals operating on their behalf. Delaware is dedicated to providing high quality services to the business community.

Strategically located between New York and Washington, D.C., Delaware is at the center of the country's largest consumer market. Our ports, highways, rail systems, and local airports connect our state to many other markets and allow for products to be moved efficiently. 

With local access to nationally ranked academic institutions, Delaware’s skilled workers and highly-educated professionals provide the state's diverse business community with the talent needed to compete.

In Delaware, we value and are committed to our partnership with businesses across the United States and around the world. Join Delaware and our worldwide community of professionals, and discover the possibilities that business in Delaware can bring.


Governor John C. Carney