Export/Import Assistance

If you are trying to initiate or expand your presence in international markets, you need answers to some key questions.  The staff at WTC Delaware can help you find the answers.



Business Leads

WTC Delaware regularly receives business leads from World Trade Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Ministries and other businesses around the world which may be of interest to your company.  Submit your own leads using the Business Lead Form, or view a current list of leads in the Members Only section of the website.


International Business Training

WTC Delaware provides regular seminars and roundtable programs on issues of critical interest to companies operating in the global marketplace.  Have a specific request for a topic, or in need of on-site training for your employees?  Contact us today!

U.S. Office Set Up 

WTC Delaware partners with local companies to provide you with a solution to having a U.S. business presence in Delaware – the home of over half of the Fortune 500 companies.  Learn more!


International business information and reports available for purchase and download.

Job Bank

Looking for a qualified employee or a new job?  Job seekers can submit resumes free of charge for potential employers to review.  Any company can view the resumes of potential applicants, and WTC Delaware Members can also post jobs free of charge.


International Business Inquiry/Information Request Form

Do you have a question about a specific international transaction, or do you need assistance with research, referrals or something else?  

Click the link above, fill  out our inquiry form, and someone will contact you shortly to discuss how
WTC Delaware may be able to help.

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