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10/4/2017 Member News
New USA Trade Guide: A Print and Online Resource for International Trade


New USA Trade Guide: A Print and Online Resource for International Trade

Washington, D.C.--The State International Development Organizations (SIDO), a national organization focused on supporting the international trade agendas of the U.S. states and territories, has released its new USA Trade Guide, a print and online resource for exporting and foreign direct investment.

SIDO, in partnership with ThinkGlobal Inc., created the USA Trade Guide as a free resource for American exporters and foreign direct investors interested in investing in the United States.

"State international trade offices are on the frontline, steering companies through the export process, and working to attract investment in to our respective states," says David Mathe, president of SIDO and export trade director for Delaware. "The guide is a valuable resource for both exporters and for companies interested in site selection and investment anywhere in the United States."

The purpose of the USA Trade Guide is to provide exporters and foreign investors with expert advice and answers to frequently asked questions about exporting, foreign direct investment, and global business.

"The USA Trade Guide provides exporters and foreign direct investors with contact information for every state and territory," adds Andy Karellas, executive director of SIDO. "The guide provides useful information, as well as statewide resources for helping companies go global."

Print copies of the guide are being distributed nationwide by state and local economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, world trade centers, ports, and private sector service providers. And online edition is also available.

"The guide provides a comprehensive source of information related to exporting and foreign direct investment," adds Greg Sandler, publisher of the guide. "It includes key contacts, web sites and other resources to make it easy for exporters and investors to connect with service providers nationwide."

The guide, which is free, is accessible online at USA.Think.Global.

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Andy Karellas, SIDO

Greg Sandler, ThinkGlobal
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