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11/14/2016 Member News
Do you know the World Trade Organization?

Do you know the World Trade Organization?  It is a 164 country organization that promotes open and fair trade and acts as a place where governments can negotiate trade agreements, settle trade disputes, enforce trade rules and act as a consistent and stable environment for countries to work out any differences that they have in the trade arena. It is also an excellent source of trade statistics and information to help exporters and importers around the world.  Click on some of the links and see for yourself. 

International Trade and Market Access Data: Interactive tool 
Integrated Trade Intelligence Portal: Tariff and non-tariff measures
Statistics Database: Trade, tariff and services profiles 
Tariff data
International Trade Statistics: Goods and services trade
“Made in the World” initiative: a new way of measuring trade
Trade Monitoring Database
World Bank Doing Business 2014
WTO members: key facts and figures 
Dispute settlement
Ninth WTO Ministerial Conference
Trade facilitation