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11/15/2016 Member News
Globalization is actually growing and DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI) 2016 has the data to prove it.

Globalization is not dead

We live in uncertain times. A sluggish global economy, geopolitical volatility, the migration crisis and acts of terror have raised serious concerns about the current state of world. It seems that in the absence of a compelling vision for the future of humanity, negative forces such as nationalism and protectionism have taken root. These worrisome trends suggest the world is in a downward spiral, and that countries and regions are drifting apart. A common perception is that the world has entered a phase of de-globalization. But does this perception match reality?

The new DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI) 2016 provides hard data about the current state of globalization. The 2016 report indicates that globalization is, in fact, not dead. Measured by flows of trade, capital, information and people, the world’s overall level of global connectedness actually surpassed its 2007 pre-crisis peak during 2014. Although globalization is not advancing as rapidly as it was before the financial crisis, the GCI suggests it has not gone into reverse.

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