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12/6/2016 Member News
How well do you know Africa?

How well do you know Africa?

It is the second largest continent with 54 countries. Almost 1,000 languages are spoken by the 1.2 billion people (World Population Review) 

Infrastructure:The African Development Bank (AfDB)  has announced that financial commitments to Africa’s infrastructure development in 2015 were  $83.4 billion, a 12% increase from the previous year.

Health: Thanks to improvements in their governments' health care systems; vaccination and better access to clean water and sanitation; aid from abroad; and  innovations from organizations such as Village Health Works and Last Mile Health, Africa has reduced child mortality rates by half in the last 25 years.

Don't take our word for it. Read the Atlas of African Health Statistics from the World Health Organization.

While you are  browsing, please look at the Village Health Works and Last Mile Health web sites.  You will be inspired by the two of the young men who fled civil war in their African home countries, came to the US, were educated, and were determined to do something for those they left behind. Their lives are an example to the rest of us. 


These stats were highlighted in a report by the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa’s (ICA) titled, Infrastructure Financing Trends in Africa 2015 report, which noted that the previous year's investment stood at $74.5 billion in 2014.