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World Trade Center Delaware brings you access to market-leading foreign currency exchange services at preferred rates through the scale and power of our global network

Do You…
- Have foreign vendors, customers, subsidiaries, or employees?
- Make foreign currency denominated payments or convert foreign receivables?
- Have exposure to fluctuating exchange rates?
- Know how much your provider is charging for their forex services?
- Know if you are getting the best available exchange rate on the days you transact?

This program can provide a measureable impact to your company’s bottom line through more efficient rates of exchange and expert insight on strategy and risk management.

Benefits include:
Preferred pricing resulting from the purchasing scale of the global World Trade Center network
- A free analysis of past and current wires to determine potential cost savings ? Streamlined setup requiring no change to your bank account relationship
- User-friendly trading portal with live pricing in all time zones
- 80% potential exchange rate improvement
- No transaction fees
Contact us at to learn more and request a free analysis of how much you will save with our program.


For Immediate Release

Africa Business Portal (ABP) announces the addition of several marketing offices across the U.S.

Africa Business Portal believes in reaching across continents to build a highly talented and diverse workforce. Each member of the team is committed to the vision of bridging U.S.-Africa business.

PHOENIX - 01 February 2017 - Imagine...experienced advisors, collaborators, investors, training opportunities and essential trade resources all in one place. In addition to its Phoenix home office, ABP will now have a local marketing presence in Washington DC,Delaware, Chicago, Arkansas, Louisiana, Dallas, and Denver. These offices will be represented by ABP advisors with strong Africa industry and country success patterns. New services now provided through these offices by ABP will include regional trade linkages, industry and Africa country virtual working groups, financing support services, and African diaspora outreach. These services will augment memberships services, webinars, newsletters, event promotions, connectivity, and collaboration discounts that are already a key part of ABP. Office expansion will also enable a much wider advertising network and outreach. ABP will continue to work with successful private entities, government agencies, NGOs, educational institutions in forming strong solution provider, advisor and collaboration networks.

Sub-Saharan Africa is projected to be the key demographic this century by quadrupling its population and increasing its share of the global workforce from 10 percent to 37 percent. (See Surfing the Demographic Wave)

Expansive natural resources including minerals, oil and forestry, agricultural land combined with workforce demographics have made Africa a key resource in fueling the world's future economic growth and stability. The United States in uniquely positioned to increase its reach in Africa aided by a strong product brand, a large and well educated African diaspora, and a long history of humanitarian support on the continent. Africa Business Portal is a private sector outreach that capitalizes on the best U.S. private, public, NGO, and educational resources.

Africa Business Portal has over 100 advisors on both continents including former ambassadors, multinational executives, key educators and major NGOs. ABP provides competitive cost memberships as low as $90 per individual and $500 per organization. Promote your brand using ABP through sponsorships and exclusive advertising opportunities.

About Africa Business Portal 
Completed in October 2015, Africa Business Portal (ABP) facilitates successful, transparent and long-lasting U.S.-Africa bilateral trade and investment. It provides members with unfettered access to region-specific government, nonprofit, association, academic and private sector resources for 50 Sub-Saharan countries, as well as all 50 U.S. states. ABP's ever-increasing number of advisors from both continents offers members expert insight into trade and investment in specific regions and industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, mining and quarrying, oil and gas, banking, education and training, information and communications. APB is headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz. For more information, visit:

Cutline: Africa Business Portal formally launches major marketing offices across United States.

Press Contact: Jamie Sevier | 678-651-0693