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8/2/2017 Member News
Member News: B&W Tek


NanoLIBS Updates

The newly updated NanoLIBS® handheld analyzer has improved the identification of raw materials by introducing the enhanced ability to identify a range of specific target salts. With the NanoLIBS, pharmaceutical companies can now identify these salts without the use of labor intensive laboratory methods requiring extensive sample preparation. The NanoLIBS allows users to quickly and effectively scan materials for identification and verification.The updated NanoLIBS also comes equipped with upgraded hardware.

Portable Raman in Forensics 

The transition from traditional chemical tests to modern analytical techniques, such as Raman spectroscopy, are increasing in the forensic industry due to the availability of fast, sensitive, compact and portable instrumentation. In our newest application note, Portable Raman spectroscopy in Forensics: Explosive Residues and Inflammable Liquids, researchers tested the i-Raman® Pro for an in-situ identification of some very demanding and challenging samples. The positive results indicate that B&W Tek’s instrumentation, by using a cooled spectrograph at -25° C, is able to differentiate two nitrate salts with limited spectral resolution where other instruments had previously failed.  


Technical Support Videos Available

In our newest support video, we go over some of the major changes to the newly updated BWSpec data acquisition software, including the software layout and the new work spaces. On our website, we also have other technical support videos available on a variety of topics like product setups, software installations and troubleshooting.

NanoRam® Utilized at USP 

Our NanoRam handheld Raman spectrometer was selected for use by the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) for PQM (Promoting the Quality of Medicines) project in Benin. PQM is a USAID program implemented by the USP. This project will be used for screening medicines (mainly antimalarial) as part of post-marketing quality surveillance activities.

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